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About Fury Soccer Academies

Fury Soccer has been involved in soccer in the United States since 1994.
Through extensive research Fury Soccer recognized a need to provide coaching to all children regardless of their age or ability. A coaching program was developed which taught soccer at a junior level in a team environment where the emphasis was placed on fun and individual development.

By employing carefully selected personnel with child-friendly personalities and character traits and the development of a soccer academy built on excellent coaching standards and ethics, Fury Soccer is delivering affordable and structured programs to children of all ages and ability.

As soccer is the fastest growing youth sport in America (over 20 million playing on a regular basis), Fury Soccer represents, in our opinion, the most sustainable solution for advancing the cause of youth soccer in this country.

Mission Statement

"It is the mission of Fury Soccer Academies to provide quality soccer coaching to children of all ages and abilities in pre schools, schools, clubs and communities by developing a soccer academy which promotes a standard of excellence."


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